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Looking to increase your chances of success in applying for an SBIR grant? Our domain experts can provide you with a confidential simulated agency review of your SBIR application–before you submit it.  

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A career in academic or private industry R+D requires expertise in effectively communicating complex ideas. AwardIT reviewers get rewarded for that hard-won skill set by helping new innovations get access to the funding they need to prosper. Sign-up is quick and easy and you only review the grants you want, when you want.

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Much like Uber does for passengers and drivers, AwardIT creates a space where Grant Writers and Grant Reviewers can match up for a mutual win-win.  Grant Writers select from a pool of available Reviewers with the background and expertise best suited to provide them with a simulated agency review of their grants–before application.  Reviewers choose the grants they want to work on and are compensated to anonymously provide their feedback.  The common destination:  maximize chances for a successful award.


AwardIT clients work in fields as widely varied from Aerospace to Zoology. Nondilutive government funding is critical to their R+D programs, and the Principle Investigators in charge of these programs know how important it is to use every tool in the toolbox to maximize their chances of winning these highly competitive funding opportunities.

Objective and high-quality feedback can be the difference between the success and failure of an SBIR grant application. It’s a big reason why resubmitted applications typically have significantly higher success rates than first-time applications. But it can take months to get this kind of information from the applicant agency, and only after the grant has been submitted–when it is too late to change anything. For a small business looking to get its innovative and complex tech to market, this is critical time/sweat equity it can’t get back.

At AwardIT we provide our clients with a simulated agency review of their grant–before application.   They use the results to course correct their grants and maximize their chances of success.  It’s like getting the benefit of a resubmission–without having to wait.

Interested in Getting a “Review Preview” Of Your SBIR Grant?

  1. Click on the button below to start the process.  Sign up is quick, easy and free of charge
  2. Submit your review request, along with some information that describes your grant application.
  3. Browse the pool of expert Reviewers that have responded to your request. Choose from a variety of professional backgrounds and expertise to select Reviewers you think are best suited for evaluating your grant.
  4. Submit your grant for confidential review. The time to review your grant may vary somewhat, but typically all reviewer responses are completed within a week of submission


A career in academia or private industry R+D requires skill at understanding and evaluating complex ideas. Our reviewers are high-level researchers in academia and private industry with deep experience in writing/reviewing grants. Many have participated in study sections at major Federal agencies such as the NIH, NSF, DOD, and DOE. They have seen what works—and what doesn’t.

Government agencies empanel volunteers, from a wide variety of backgrounds, to review the grants they get in response to a funding solicitation.  The applicant gets little to no say in who reviews their grants.  Reviewers are poorly compensated for their time and get little to no say in which grants they must work on.  The number of grants per reviewer is large and the time available to review a given grant is small.  The result:  unhappy Applicants, and unhappy Reviewers.

At AwardIT,  we’ve got a better idea: provide a space where Applicants and Reviewers can be matched up according to professional background, expertise, and other relevant factors.   Applicants get the Reviewers they select, and Reviewers only work on the grants they want, when they want.

Interested in Becoming an AwardIT Reviewer?

  1. Fill out the AwardIT Reviewer Questionnaire. There is no obligation to review just for signing up.
  2. Browse the pool of prospective grant applications that are looking for feedback. You can request to review as many, or as few, grants that are of interest to you.
  3. If your request to review is accepted by the Applicant, you will be sent their full grant for review. When it is ready, your confidential review will be in turn sent to the Applicant.  Note that AwardIT does not make the identity of Reviewers available to Applicants.